GAOMON M10K2018 Graficka Tabla

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Profesionalna graficka tabla Gaomon M10K2018. Savrsena za graficke dizjanere. Po kvalitetu koji dobijate za ovu cenu nema joj ravne na trzistu.  
Model za 2018godinu.  


Technology: Passive Pen Technology

Pen Pressure: 8192 levels

Net Weight: 685g

Touch Resolution:5080LPI

Report Rate: 250pps

Pen Sensing Height: 10mm

Interface: Micro USB

Express key: 11+Touch Ring

Dimension: 359.93*239.91*12.47mm

Working Area: 255.06*159.84mm (10 * 6.25 inches)

OS Support: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, MAC10.10 or later

PASSIVE PEN--A battery-free stylus which adopts the most advanced passive technology at present. This environment-friendly pen is economical but also high-end, can be used directly without battery or charging, avoiding battery leakage and low power. Made of matte plastic and tapers gradually from the tip to the top. Easily grip and will not go out of your hand while drawing.

8192 LEVEL PEN PRESSURE--With 8192 high levels pressure sensitivity, it provides more accurate and responsive pen-cursor movement, makes your drawing smooth and natural line.

EXPRESS KEYS--1 Touch Ring (zoom in/our and roll)+1 Round Key(shift zoom and roll)+10 Express Keys(could be set into any shortcuts that you want). ACTIVE AREA -10*6.25 inches, optimum size for painting, handwriting, playing games and animation design. Aspect ratio is 16:9, matching the most of monitors. High-level Parameter-Report Rate: 250 PPS; Resolution: 5080LPI; Pen Reading Height: 10mm.

LEFT/RIGHT HAND MODEL)--Support the left/right hand model on driver.

It’ s easy to shift modes in GAOMON driver. Please remember to make the tablet upside down after changing model.

OS SUPPORT--Windows 7/8/8.1/10, MAC10.10 or later.  PAINT SOFTWARE SUPPORT--Photoshop CC, Krita, Illustrator CC, SAI2, Illustrator CS4, SketchBookPro, FireAlpaca, OpenCanvas6, Manga Studio and so on.  

Passive Pen with 8192 Level Pen Pressure

Battery-Free Pen-- Adopting Environment-friendly battery-free technology, the digital pen no longer need battery or charging, like a real pen. Economical-- Cut the budget on battery. Battery-free pen has a better seal and structure than battery pen.


8192 Level Pen Pressure--In order to create more fluent and neat lines, we apply 8192 level pen pressure on this passive pen, which largely increase your using experience in digital creation. You can easily notice the subtle change of lines.


Pen Carrier---A pen carrier designed at the right side of the M10K, can easily carry the digital pen and avoid losing.   


One touch ring, one round key and 10 customizable Express keys

When you need to zoom in or out the canvas, the touch ring will help you. While you want to scroll pages, press the round key to shift from zooming into scrolling, and then the touch ring will work as page down or up.

To reduce keyboard shortcuts, 10 customizable express keys are offered. You can set them into your habitual shortcuts combination but please note the combination must be supported by your drawing software.

250 pps report rate

The updated high-speed processor with 250 pps report rate allows the tablet to read data fast. There is almost no lag in variety of drawing software.

Paket sadrzi:

1xGraphic tablet

1xBattery-Free pen

1xPen case

1xPen Tip x8 and Pen clip

1xFelt pouch for nibs

1xUSB Cable

1xQuick start guide

Gift: Carraying Bag x1    Two-Finger Glove x1


 Licno preuzimanje na Vidikovcu u Beogradu. Troskove slanja snosi kupac. Šaljem pouzećem članovima koji nemaju negativnih ocena, ostalima posle uplate na račun.    

Da biste videli kompletnu ponudu, kliknite na opciju “ svi oglasi” , koja se nalazi ispod broja telefona.

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