Harbeth Monitor 40.2 XD

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Član od 10.02.2012.
Novi Sad
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Audio plus je ovlašćeni distributer Harbeth zvučnika.

As the pioneering and long time champion of Harbeth speakers in the UK, we have taken our time to fully understand the entire range of Harbeth speakers. Having gone through thorough testing on every single model to find out the best stands, amplifiers, cables and room position for each set. The process has been involved that many of the team ended up with Harbeth speakers in their own system.

Brand new for 2020 the Xtended Definition series from Harbeth looks very exciting, more details coming soon.

The big questions are: How does the new Harbeth Xtended Definition series compare to the anniversary models?

The new XD speakers are very similar to Harbeth’ s 40th Anniversary range, which is good news because these where brilliant. The drive units, cabinets, and internal bracing remains identical. There are more finish options, (strangely not all model are available in the same colours), so check out the individual product listing pages below to see all the details. Harbeth Anniversary models where one finish only, so this will open up the XD range to more customers looking to match to their interior decor.

What improvements if any are there from the last generation?

In short, the XD version has a slightly modified the crossover. This is in the case of all the speakers excluding the P3 XD.

When Alan Shaw (Harbeth’ s designer and company owner) started to tinker with the P3 crossover he actually found it easier to build it from the ground up. This has made the P3 slightly more open and a tiny bit more forward than its anniversary predecessor. Is this a massive improvement? From my listening at The Bristol hi fi show in 2020 through a Quad system which we use in our showroom I honestly couldn’ t tell much of a difference, and Alan even agreed that the speakers perform so it was nearly impossible to improve them. My advice would be; if you’ re considering upgrading from Anniversary models then it’ s not really a big enough change, but they are a massive leap forward from any of the previous Harbeth models so contact us for a quote to part exchange if you're in that camp.

When will they be available?

Stock is going to be very limited, so please contact us for up to date information, but we expect to have the full range of speakers on demonstration within the next three months.

Why is the new range so similar to the previous generation?

You might have noticed the size, dive units and specification is identical to the last range. The specification does not tell the whole story, but it does tell us a lot - "If it ain’ t broke don’ t fix it". But it’ s great news that they are available in more colours than before, and Harbeth couldnt sell a 40th anniversary version of a speaker forever!

More efficient, adaptable to a wide range of listening environments, perfectly balanced across the entire audio band, more transparent, engaging and easier to drive, the M40.2 takes the acclaimed Harbeth sound to a new level of realism. With a mesmerising and addictive presentation, Harbeth’ s flagship produces a grand, dynamic and unforgettable sonic experience. A loudspeaker certainly, but not a speaker listening experience.

Close your eyes and be magically transported through space and time to the recording venue. Relive it afresh.

Transducer system 3-way vented: 300mm

Harbeth bass unit; 200mm RADIAL2™

mid; 25mm ferro-cooled soft dome tweeter Frequency response 35Hz - 20kHz ±3dB free-space, grille on, smooth off-axis response

Impedance 6-8 ohms, easy to drive

Sensitivity 86dB/1W/1m Amplifier suggestion

Works with a wide range of amplifiers, suggested from 35W/channel.

Power handling 650W programme

Connectors Two 4mm gold-plated binding posts for wires or plugs

Dimensions 750 x 432 x 388mm (+12mm for grille and binding posts)

Finish Cherry, eucalyptus, rosewood, tiger ebony.

Space needs Ideally free-space away from walls.

Stands Optimally to bring ears level with tweeters. (Tweeter: 660mm up from cabinet base)

Weight 38kg each

Packing Single speaker per protective carton

AUDIO PLUS    d. o. o.    


Strazilovka 23, Novi Sad


tel: +381 21 66-11-302


audioplusns@gmail. com


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