Harbeth Super HL5plus - XD

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Član od 10.02.2012.
Novi Sad
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Crafted by hand by experts in West Sussex, the HL5 Plus XD conveys breathtaking clarity and dynamics

Harbeth’ s Super HL5 Plus XD produces breathtaking transparency, a huge soundstage and total immersion in the performance. This speaker creates a rich bass and sweet midrange that brings acoustic music alive.

This is the latest generation of Dudley Harwood’ s original HL-Monitor: the cabinet is still engineered in the BBC tradition of removable ‘ thin-wall’ panels for a totally true-to-life sound.

Retaining the classic ‘ two cubic foot’ proportions found in the very best BBC monitors, the HL5plus relies on the exclusive Harbeth-made 200mm RADIAL2™ bass/mid driver. This produces a big, warm and powerful sound that underpins the incredible midband clarity.

The 25mm main tweeter is augmented by a 20mm SuperTweeter for an extended and even dispersion to the upper edge of the audio band.

This model is the latest and greatest iteration of the legendary Harbeth HL-Monitor Mk1 from 1977 that launched the Harbeth company. In continuous production through several design generations since its inception, now featuring Harbeth's RADIAL2™ driver and a radically new approach to the crossover. The HL5plus gets the very best from the Harbeth-made 200mm RADIAL2™ bass/mid driver in a cabinet is skillfully designed according to the pioneering research undertaken by the BBC. The system sound is large, powerful and transparent with an astonishing freshness. No wonder the SHL5 family is such a worldwide legend.

The SuperTweeter extends the system response to the upper edge of the audio band and beyond.

Harbeth's Super HL5plus loudspeaker produces a huge soundstage of width, depth and weight for a total immersion in the musical performance.

Transducer system 3-way vented: 200mm Harbeth RADIAL2™ bass/mid; 25mm ferro-cooled dome tweeter, 20mm dome SuperTweeter

Frequency response 40Hz - 20kHz ±3dB free-space, grille on, smooth off-axis response

Impedance 6 ohms, easy to drive

Sensitivity 86dB/1W/1m

Works with a wide range of amplifiers, suggested from 25W/channel.

Power handling 150W programme

Connectors Four 4mm gold-plated binding posts for wires or plugs (biwireable)

Dimensions 635 x 322 x 300mm

Finish Cherry, tiger ebony, eucalyptus, rosewood.

Overall response optimised for use away from walls.

Stands Optimally to bring ears level with tweeters: typically 16-20 inches. (Tweeter: 475mm up from cabinet base)

Weight 15.8kg each,

"The transparency of the sound has increased dramatically… the reproducibility of the essential harmonics is also improved with music … the sound of strings and vocals is exquisite. The naturalness of midrange is truly special. " ‐ Japans stereo magazine

"While playing Ryan Adams, the Harbeth transported all the emotions the album had to offer, the music penetrates so perfectly that I only want to listen to music and nothing but music. " ‐ Hifitest Read article "The most natural sounding speaker. " ‐ Super AV

"The midrange of the Super HL5plus loudspeaker is drop-dead gorgeous, with the top-end being sweet and detailed. A reference-caliber component that always sounds like music. " ‐ The Absolute Sound

"The Harbeth SuperHL5plus loudspeaker totally and completely won us over, it is High Fidelity in the most noble sense of the term. Rich, thorough, pleasant and a sense of extraordinary rhythm. " ‐ ON-topaudio

"The Harbeth Super HL5Plus took me way back, to the time when I first fell in love with British monitor speakers in the 1970s. Some said they were too "polite" or reserved, but to my ears, they were musical and natural. " ‐ Steve Guttenberg

"A sonic 'Tardis' that fills the room space completely. . . the definitive Hi-fi speaker for the 21st Century. If it were a Michelin Chef, it would be given 5 stars and a Rosette! " ‐ Robert Edwards, Tv Sound Editor "At the end of each working day, it was always the Harbeth Super HL5 plus’ s that I wired up in order that I could listen for my own enjoyment during the evening. They just sounded 'so right'" ‐ Ernest Denman, Australian Hi-fi

"If I were closing up shop tomorrow as a reviewer, the only speakers I’ d be inclined to add to my Quads would be these new Harbeths because of how they make almost anything played through them sound gorgeous in a way that is completely musically natural. " ‐ Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound

"It made me rethink the restless gear flipping so common among audiophiles. It worked magically with every musical genre including simple folk, complex orchestral music, classic rock, jazz trio and toe-tapping techno. " ‐ Tim Smith, 6 Moons Audio

"For the listener who wants a loudspeaker that is both explicit and truthfully beautiful, the Harbeth Super HL5plus is an excellent choice. " ‐ Art Dudley, Stereophile

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tel: +381 21 66-11-302

office@audioplus. rs


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