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NUX VERB CORE DELUXE Reverb efekat za gitaru

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The NUX VERB CORE DELUXE is a reverb pedal with 8 different types including Room, Hall, Plate, Damp, Shim, Spring, Tre-Verb and Mod Verb. You can select the reverb type by using the Type knob.


Hall reverb is based on the legendary Lexicon 224 which was unleashed in 1978. It has a famously lush reverb tail which single-handedly defined the sound of an entire era. A large encompassing reverb with warm, organic decay.


Room reverb simulates a smaller acoustic space. In such a room, many reflections are absorbed by soft materials, and the sound is reflected and sustained only by the walls (covered with wallpaper), windows and maybe some furniture. Room reverb is akin to the normal ambience we’re used to hearing in the real world.


Plate reverb was inspired by EMT 140, which made use of a metal plate suspended in a steel frame, that was able to recreate reverberations like those heard in an acoustic space; a renowned studio reverb found on classic recordings.


Damp reverb is huge and endless, warm and natural.

Shim (shimmer) reverb pitch shifts the reverb up an octave through each feedback loop, creating a haunting and other-worldly sound. This is a unique effect that may open some interesting and experimental sonic options.


Spring reverb simulates the drippy and squishy sounding spring tank that was generated in a spring by creating a mechanical oscillation. To achieve a “ bouncy” tone, Spring reverb is a solid choice for adding a bottom-heavy dimension. Classic surf reverb; great for Rockabilly too!

Tre-Verb (Tremolo Verb) combines tremolo and spring reverb, like the vintage tube amplifier with warm tremolo and spring reverb atmosphere that really fills out your sound with classic depth and dimension.


Mod-Verb (Modulation Verb) combines gorgeous chorus with damp reverb, this huge reverb delivers a lush, ambience-soaked sound.






Tip efekta:  Reverb
Ulazni otpor:  1MΩ
Izlazni otpor:  1kΩ
Napajanje:  9V DC
A/D/A:  48KHz / 24-bit
Procesuiranje signala:  48KHz / 32-bit
Potrošnja struje:  less than 120mA
Specifikacije:  Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency.
Specifications II:  Room, Hall, Plate, Damp, Shim, Spring, Tre-Verb, Mod-Verb.
Specifications III:  8 reverb types in a compact enclosure.
Karakteristike:  True-bypass or Buffer-bypass(Tails).
Features II:  Supports Stereo.
Features III:  Kill Dry.
Dužina:  122mm
Širina:  72mm
Visina:  47mm
Težina:  270g

ID Oglasa: #159487625

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