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faderfox mikromodul lc2

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  • Special controller for sequencer software (optimized for Ableton Live)
  • Setup files for Ableton Live as of version 4.1 are shipped with the controller

    Take the Live internal control surface ‘LV2_LX2_LC2_LD2’to have all controls automapped.
    (setting files no longer necessary)

  • Independent of operating system and computer type (PC or Mac) 
  • due to the midi interface (no driver necessary)
  • Crossfader controls the Live-crossfader
  • 6 track faders - you can switch between 2 fader groups (1-6, 7-12)
  • 4 push-encoders for jump-free control of track-dependent and track-independent parameters
    (total of 144 parameters)
  • Main function for fast encoder access to important functions like trackselect,
    slot/scene-scroll, mastervolume, clip/scene-launch etc.
  • Joystick to control track-dependent and track-independent parameters (total of 30 parameters)
  • Button row with 6 buttons and LED’s, programmable in 6 keymodes
    (scene-launch, fx-control, mute, solo etc. )
  • Parameter feedback of LIVE button statuses is indicated by LED’s (Mute, FX)
  • Fadermute for all controls by holding down the instrument's SHIFT button
  • Faderposition view by LED’s if holding down the instrument's SHIFT button
  • Play-LED to show the beat speed
  • Independent power supply by standard or rechargeable batteries 3 x AA cell,
    lifetime about 30 to 60 hours
  • Powersave mode after 10 minutes of the last movement (running light)
  • LED battery control
  • Socket for an external power adaptor (4.5-6V DC - min. 50 mA)
  • Midi-merge function
  • Very compact design in a black, plastic casing (desktop format 180x105x70 mm, 450 g)
  • Silver aluminium front plate with anodised coating (abrasion resistant) and inscriptions
  • 39 LED's in different colors to display various information (low basic lights of all
    LED's for better orientation in dark club atmosphere)
  • High-quality faders, encoders and joystick from ALPS
  • Expandable system by other micromodul controllers (easy chaining by midi connections)
  • Compatible to the 1st/2nd micromodul line (same cc/note numbers like LV1, LX1, LV2, LX2, LD2
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