JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam

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Novi Sad
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Dolby Atmos® and MultiBeam™ Surround sound Upgrade your viewing or gaming experience from ordinary to extraordinary.
Built-in Virtual Dolby Atmos® gives you an immersive and exciting 3D sound experience, while JBL MultiBeam™ technology creates a wide soundstage by projecting incredible sound to every corner of the room, so you’ll hear every detail from your favorite music, movies, TV series and games without the need for multiple speakers.
Enjoy movies or games with a whole new dimension.
Punchy bass without the need for a separate subwoofer Your home cinematic experience is enhanced and intensified with deep, punchy bass, thanks to four passive radiators built-in.

Chromecast built-in™ , AirPlay and Alexa Multi-Room Music (MRM) With AirPlay, Alexa Multi-Room Music and Chromecast built-in, you can stream all your favorite online content in Experience 3D Spacious Surround Sound at Home
Make your viewing or gaming experience more immersive than ever before with the winning combination of JBL Multibeam™ technology and Virtual Dolby Atmos® .

Feel the sound all around as you're thrown into the action with deep bass performance without the need for an extra subwoofer. It features Chromecast built-in™ , AirPlay and Alexa Multi-Room Music (MRM) for incredibly easy music streaming and multi-room possibilities. Bluetooth lets you enjoy music from your smartphone or tablet too.
The sleek design of the JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam, with its grille pattern and metallic finishing, fits any home decor. It's compact and simple to use, can be controlled using your existing TV remote or by using the included intuitively designed remote control.

General Specifications Total speaker power output250 W Soundbar output power (Max. @THD 1%)5 x 50 W Transducer5 x 48mm x 80mm racetrack drivers + 4 x 3 inches(75mm) Passive Radiators
Power supply100 - 240V AC, ~ 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D)709x 58x 101mm, 27.9x 2.3x 3.9"
Weight Audio Specifications Max SPL92 dBA
Frequency Response50Hz - 20KHz 1
Optical, Bluetooth, Chromecast, AirPlay 2, Alexa MRM, USBYes MP3 CodecMPEG 1 Layer 2/3, MPEG 2 Layer 3, MPEG 2.5 Layer 3 (USA only), Dolby Atmos, PCM Control and Connection Specifications Type A, USB rating5V DC, 0.5A USB Port(*USB playback is available in US version.

For other versions, USB is for Service only. ) Bluetooth® version4.2 Bluetooth® profileA2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.5 Bluetooth® transmitter frequency range2400 MHz – 2483.5 MHz Bluetooth® transmitter power<10 dBm (EIRP) Wi-Fi networkIEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz/5GHz) 2.4G Wi-Fi transmitter frequency range2412 – 2472MHz (2.4GHz ISM Band, USA 11 Channels, Europe and others 13 Channels) 2.4G Wi-Fi transmitter power<20dBm 5G Wi-Fi transmitter frequency range5.15 - 5.35GHz, 5.470-5.725GHz, 5.725 - 5.825GHz 5G Wi-Fi transmitter power<23dBm (EIRP)

AUDIO PLUS  D. O. O.                     

Strazilovka 23, Novi Sad     

tel: +381 21 66-11-302

audioplusns@gmail. com


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