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Nuova Simonelli Musica black

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connection to water main version

Nuova Simonelli Musica, dedicated to whose who want to enjoy an Espresso that tastes like it comes from a bar at home, in the office, in small comunities and in B& B.  Musica’s professional features mean it can give anyone the opportunity to feel what it’s like to be a good “ barista” when making excellent espressos and creamy cappuccinos.  Just some of its characteristics are enough to show you how professional this machine really is. It has a visible pressure gauge for checking pressure in the boiler tank; water temperature is stabilised by an efficient heat exchanger inside the boiler tank (insulated to save energy), which also guarantees that there is always a great amount of steam available for foaming milk.

Main features:

• Stainless steel

• Steam wand switable 360°

• High steam power

• Hot water jet

• Programmable hot water dosing

• Connection to water main kit

• Discharge tank Capacity 1 L

• Anti-scale cartridge

• Cupholder

• Adjustable pump pressure (only with Professional Pack)

• Thermocompensated group

• Electronic pre-infusion system

• Professional filter holder

• Professional copper boiler

• Energy saving boiler

• Boiler capacity 2 L

• Boiler gaudge

• Adjustable boiler temp  (only with Professional Pack)

• OPV ( Over Pressure Valve)

• Automatic Water filling

• Water shortage indicator

• Heating-on indicator

• Volumetric dosing

• Soft touch bottons with adjustable brightness intensity

• OPV ( Over Pressure Valve)

• Net Weight 20 kg

• Power 1200 W

• Filter diameter 58mm


A. 1 filter holders
B. 1 spout for two coffees
C. 1 sets of filters (single, double and blind)
D.  1 spring
E. 1 manual coffee tamper
F. 1 coffee doser
G. 1 Flexible water pipes resisting high pressure

ID Oglasa: #117908619

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